Upcoming Events

V3SSEL has many events planned that will contribute to our goal of educating the youth on opportunities present in government. Make sure to keep tuning in!

Coming Soon

Corporate (Virtual)
August 29

Racial justice reform event with Larry Traylor from the NAACP.

Short Hills (Virtual)
August 30

Racial justice event with a focus on the Black Lives Matter movement.

West Windsor (Virtual)

Inviting political leaders on both sides of the aisle to speak on the 2020 election and talk about the US response to Covid-19 and how to reform our racial justice system.

Princeton (Virtual)

Inviting local elected leaders, religious leaders, and professors to discuss race relations and begin healthy dialogue on racial justice issues in Princeton.

Houston (Virtual)

Kickoff event based on establishing an open forum between youth in the community and local politicians as well as leaders in education so that youth can discuss key issues with their leaders from core curricula to Covid-19 response guidelines.

Bridgewater (Virtual)

Open forum discussion with local elected officials and activists on the black lives matter movement and racial justice reform.

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